sweatin Bullets




I woke up this morning about 7ish. Cori was getting ready to go to school and Bailey was starting the make some noise. I was up later than usual last night because our friend Melissa came over with her two kids. We had a nice time hanging out and talking while the kids played. The boys were up until 10pm! That is really late for them. They were still awake by 7:30 though.

After eating dinner at 5pm last night I woke up starving. I knew I was going to workout so I had a Light and Fit vanilla yogurt to hold me over. As soon as Cori left I put Bailey in her swing and started my 30 day shred routine. I can definitely feel it in my legs and my arms that it is working. By the end of the exercise I’m really pumped. It feels really good to get worked out like that, especially in 20 min! By the time I was done I was sweating like crazy. What I really wanted after that was a nice cool smoothie but I’m all out of banana’s and spinach. (yes still) The boys were ready for breakfast (seeing as it was just after 8am) so I got them set up and we all sat down to eat. Ryan and I both had Kashi Simply Vanilla oatmeal and Chase had some Special k with a little bit of my Mountain Medley Granola mixed in. I don’t recommend eating hot oats if your core temp is already hot. Although this was one of my best oatmeal mixes yet, it took me even longer to cool down.

My oatmeal was seriously magic! I added just a pinch on cinnamon, 1tsp of brown sugar, 2oz Mountain Medley Granola and 1tsp almond butter.

 blue cam 004blue cam 005


Here I am all happy with myself for working out and making the best oatmeal ever.

blue cam 007


 We are now rushing to get showered and clean to make it to Bailey’s Dr. apt on time. Poor thing has to get her 6mo shots today. I was dislike having to hold them down for that. It just seems so wrong.

Be back for lunch,



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