So, the Dr’s apt took 1.5 hours! We made it on time despite having to go get a check cashed, buy formula and get gas. We had to wait in the waiting room for almost 30 min and then once they called us back to our room we had to wait another 20 min! I’ll never understand the point in making an appointment if they never see you on time! OK, I’m done. Bailey was happy until the Dr came in and started to asses her. (Ears, nose, throat, chest) then she started screaming. It was almost funny because he was trying to hard to be gentle and talk to her but nothing was working. Could she know what’s coming at only 6mo? After the dr left the room we were waiting again for the nurse to come give her the shots. The boys were behaving as well as they could for being stuck in there for so long. I didn’t think it would take so long so I didn’t bring them any snacks at it was almost noon. Bailey had to get 3 shots and the new one she has to drink. Its gross and I don’t see the point but your almost left without a say these days. She was ok as soon as I strapped her in her car seat and we headed home for some much needed lunch.

The boys wanted pp&j sandwiches but with only 3 slices of bread (go figure right!?) I made them some mac n cheese instead. They protested for a minute but then were just happy to be eating finally. The whole way home I was thinking about what I wanted for lunch and could only come up with tuna salad. As I was starting to make the mac n cheese, I also started making my tuna. Just a can of solid white albacore and 1tsp of fat free mayo. Then I decided instead of a salad how about lettuce wraps? Hmm… I had a big thing of romaine lettuce so I cut and cleaned it leaving 3 pieces whole to place my tuna. I grabbed out all of my veggies and made a platter of sorts and thought…. How about some hummus? lol I knew I had a can of garbanzo beans and that it would only take a min. Within minutes I had fresh homemade hummus. Tossed on a few whole wheat crackers and tada!

1 can garbanzo beans (drained, reserving liquid)

1 tsp minced garlic

Blend in the food processor adding reserved liquid until desired consistency is reached. Simple and delicious.

blue cam

 My eyes were way bigger than my belly because there is no way I could finish all of this. Ryan helped me out some and had one of the lettuce wraps and a few cucumbers. Chase had a carrot and the rest was wrapped up for later. I wasn’t sure if this would hold me over until dinner but as of right now I’m stuffed! I promised Cori I would make her tacos tonight. She has been preparing the house for the structure fire drill tomorrow. We were planning on all going but Cori said there is a ton of huge mosquito’s out there. I’m not too sure about putting bug spray on the baby so we might just miss that. =(

See you for dinner,



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