straight to dessert

All day today I have been craving something sweet. I was so tempted to go into Kelwin’s (sp?) and get a sample piece of fudge but I knew how I would feel after if I did. After getting home, getting caught up with the kids and blogging, I decided to clean up the outside patio. Chase came out and said “mommy, we’re hungry” I looked at the time and it as 7pm! Oh my goodness. I felt pretty bad and started on those grilled cheese sandwiches. I still wasn’t hungry so I gave Bailey her bath and got the boys ready for bed. Well now just 10 min later that familiar feeling is back again. My belly is a little hungry and my sweet tooth is kicking. This is what I ended up with.



blue cam 010blue cam 009


60 cal Light and Fit vanilla yogurt

3 sliced strawberry’s

2 tbsp Cocoa Beach Kashi granola

I’m so happy I thought of this because it was great! Best part is I don’t feel like I just ate a dozen doughnuts. I’m sure I should have tried to have eaten something more nutritious but this definitely hit the spot. I’m off to shower and watch some tv before bed. Night



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