Fun in the sun

 We just got back from another great day at the pool. The kids had a blast but were definitely ready to come home. They wouldn’t admit it but they are tired. A movie and popcorn was at the top of their demand list as soon as we got home. Poor Bailey is so sleepy. She skipped her first nap and only slept for 30min around noon. Not long enough. No sleep makes for a really cranky baby. Cranky and all, she sure did look cute in her bathing suit.


too cute!


It rained when we first got there but that didn’t stop them from swimming.



Me and Chase.


Me and Ryan



Anna banana hiding in the trees.


I never did make it to the trampoline today but I played in the pool with Bailey for about 30 min then swam laps for about 15min then tried to see how long I could tread water. (12 min) I could have gone longer but Bailey’s patience was gone. =) I will still fit in the 30 day shred later.


The kids were excited to have pizza for lunch again. (thanks Laurie) It’s a good treat for them since pizza is basically not allowed in my house anymore. haha. I would normally bring a Lean Cuisine with me but today I settled for a South Beach Diet protein bar and 32oz of h2o. I’m hungry now however and might have a little snack. Don’t know what yet. Cori should be home fairly early tonight so I also have to figure out dinner. : o /

Geez I better get busy.



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