I couldn’t tell you the last time I slept past 6:30am, well besides today! What a feeling to wake up on your own without an alarm clock. (either the battery operated kind or the screaming running around kind) Cori was out the door just before I woke up and after a quick phone call to say good morning I turned on the news. It wasn’t even 5 min later Ryan peeked his little self in my door ; followed by Chase just a few min later. I couldn’t believe that Bailey was still asleep but I enjoyed it. We layed in bed for about 30 min watching X-Men until I finally heard her talking away. (hmm a ma da blah blah hmm do baa)

I had every intention of working out as soon as I woke up this morning but getting to a later start than usual kinda threw that off. Within 2 min of my feet hitting the floor all 3 kids seemed to be starving. Ryan wanted waffles, Chase had his norm (cereal) and Bailey settled for a nice warm bottle. After they were all situated and happy I thought I’d eat a little something as well. I was really craving some Kashi Blueberry Waffles and some egg whites. I still had some fat free mozz cheese so I tossed some into my egg whites and ewww. It became a watery mess. I’m sure it tasted alright but it just looked weird and I couldn’t eat it. My waffles were delicious though. =)

Since today is Ryan’s first day of summer vacation we are going to have some fun today. The plan so far is to go to Laurie’s pool for a bit but I’m thinking maybe we should stop by the zoo for a couple of hours first. Get these kids nice and worn out! Either way I should start packing the cooler now for our lunch. First, I have to pick up the house before I do anything. Rules, ugh! lol


(drinking my pomegranate green tea out of my xmas mug while blogging and taking care of the kids. lol)

blue cam


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