Lunch date with mom

We had a great time! Cori was able to get home on time (which was perfect because I was getting hungry) and we left around 1pm. I thought I was going to pull out my hair trying to find something to wear. I know I’ve lost a lot of weight but I still have a way to go so my clothes just don’t fit right. Most people may just go buy new clothes but when you have 3 kids your wardrobe takes the backseat. I ended up wearing a pair of Capri white linen pants and a soft blue stripped shirt. It was comfortable and that’s what ended up being most important.

on our way

In the car and ready to go.


As planned we went to Boston’s on the Beach. There was a good amount of people there but no wait and we sat right down at a nice table outside on the patio. Even though it was hot outside it wasn’t that bad under the patio with the fans. (really nice actually) We started out with a big glass of water and a cocktail. I had an Absolute and Club Soda with lime.

v & t


My very delicious vodka & soda w/ lime


We didn’t want a heavy appetizer but we were both hungry and ordered a peel and eat shrimp.

about 1/4 lb


This was cold and just enough spice. Perfect.


For my lunch I had a buffalo grilled chicken salad. I couldn’t finish even half of it but it was so yummy. It had mix baby greens, ice burg, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, and onions. The chicken was only suppose to be grilled but I added the buffalo sauce for a kick. Of course I had to have some ranch which I got on the side and only used 1/2.



The crunchy sesame bread thingy’s were good too.

Mom celebrated with a burger and fries so I stole one of her fries.



After adding more $ to the  meter we headed out  for our walk downtown.

mom n me


The walk was a nice .9 miles each way. We stopped in a bunch of shoppes as well as for another cocktail. (only had 1/2) We each had a glass of water as well.

blue cam 007

 blue cam 008





Mom had a glass of champagne and I stuck with the Absolute and Club Soda.


Its was a really nice day and I couldn’t have had better company. Lunch was perfect not  too over filling and the walk was just what I needed. We made it home just after 4pm and Cori was ready to go to the school to work. We sure do miss you hunny. Looks like the kids will be getting grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. Easy for me and they love it. I may or may not have some cabbage soup, I’m not that hungry. Hope everyone is having a good day.


oh….Ryan had his last day of kindergarden today. He is upset that there is no school for a couple months (weird huh lol) but he is excited to be going into 1st grade this fall.




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