Well we’re back from Ryan’s school. It was actually a really nice day and the kids had a blast. They had different stations set up out side. A bubble table, beach balls, net tennis, sidewalk chalk and then 3 classrooms open one for movies, one for board games and the last one was like a G rated dace club. lol It was a big help having grandma stay with Bailey. I wouldn’ t have been much help  or able to participate if she came with. I think gramma liked having some qt with her too. =)

Since we had to be there @ 11:30 and I knew I would miss lunch, I brought a South Beach Diet pb protein bar. (my fav!) It held me over perfect until we got home. I was eager to break into my cabbage soup that I made yesterday. As I expected it was even better than yesterday. I offered some to my mom but she isn’t a fan of cooked celery so she passed. More for me!


I decided to post a pic of my refrigerator from today to see how my eating habits change over the next few months. I really should  have taken a picture back in January when my eating habits were at their worst. So here it is…


packed as usual

All the usual suspects are in there, minus a few staples that I forgot to get at the store. (ie soy milk, tofu) We have 2 containers of my cabbage soup, yogurt, eggs, egg whites only, strawberry’s, 1/2 watermelon, almond butter, fat free half and half, v8 fusion (for kids) wine, ketchup (for the kids) turkey sausage, American cheese, fat free shredded , turkey slices, applesauce, pickles, romaine lettuce, drawer full of veggies, drawer full of 100% juice boxes, 1 % milk, jalapenos, hot sause, and a variety of low fat/cal salad dressings. oh and the pepto. haha


Everyday I find a new food blog with new recipes that I can’t wait to try out. When I find something new I want to try I write down a grocery list and it never fails that when it comes time to go shopping I always get what I am  use to . Sometimes the thought of breaking routine freaks me out a little but it’s all about baby steps right? If you would have seen my refrigerator back in January it was not pretty. Kinda like a heart attack in an ice box. Fast food was something we ate a few times a week and the kids opted for frozen chicken nuggets many times. When I really started to eat more healthy and take care of myself was when I realized what I was pumping my kids full of.  Junk! Over the last few months I have introduced them to many new vegetables. Some of which they liked, most they didn’t. (chase is quite the picky eater) We are all in this together and although I am not making them give up their beloved happy meals completely, it is now a treat that they don’t expect. My goal this month is going to try to make something new at the very least once a week. With that said, what’s for dinner?




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