what a day…

Ryan’s award ceremony was cute. He got a medal for getting perfect report cards all year and a certificate for Most Creative. All the kids were so excited to get up on stage and get their awards. I signed him out of school early because the ceremony ended just 30 min before school let out and I didn’t want to wait in the parking lot. My mom came with us which is always a big help. Ryan was so proud of himself. We are proud of him too.

ryan and his teacher










Ryan and his teacher




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        waiting on ceremony to begin

When I got home I quickly made Chase and my lunch seeing as it was already 1:30. Chase had a yummy pb&j on whole wheat and I stuck to what I know is safe when I’m hungry and in a hurry, a Lean Cuisine. My favorite one at that. Turkey, corn bread stuffing and cinnamon apples. It’s mostly the warm gooey apples that does it for me.

While I was waiting for my mico lunch to be done I started my cabbage soup. The pot: 1 container low sodium chicken broth, 2 cups water, about 4 cups cabbage, 1 cup baby carrots cut in 1/2, 1 small onion, 1 zucchini, and 1 yellow squash. I let it simmer for about 4 hours and it was divine. I only had a little taste because I always think soup and stew taste better the next day.


After lunch Chase fell asleep and Ryan came out to watch a movie with me which didn’t last very long as he fell asleep as well. With Bailey in her swing content I decided to work out while I could on my wii. The workout: 25 min boxing, 15 min strength (push ups, planks, squats) and then 10 min of yoga to finish it off. I wasn’t really done and could have gone longer but all the kids woke up and my time was over.

With all the kids hungry, I gave the boys some fat free pop-corn and some strawberry’s to hold them over while I fed Bailey and made dinner. I’m not sure what’s gotten into me lately but my dinner plans have not been very planned. Tonights dinner was simple and yummy. Turkey burgers with grilled veggies. Sorry no pic, I was literally cooking and serving food while holding Bailey. I added a slice of American cheese to the boys burgers and 1/6 of a small block of Feta cheese to mine. (50 cal) It was very good, and added just enough ‘salt’ taste to it. I didn’t even bother to make out the turkey burgers, just divided the meat in the container and made patty’s out of them. The boys loved it.

Tomorrow I will be back at Ryan’s school for an outside day of activities. I volunteered of course to help out so I’ll have to be there at 11:30. I am allowed to bring Chase and Bailey with me which is nice because if not I wouldn’t be able to go. I can’t believe that my first baby only has 2 days of kindergarten left. After this summer he will be going into 1st grade! That’s just crazy to me. Ahh…. I think I will make the boys a nice big breakfast in the morning. As sort of a treat for doing so well this year in school. (breakfast us usually cereal, eggs, or frozen waffles) I’m so ready for another green monster I can taste it. I reserved the rest of my spinach just for that. good night blog world.



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