Feeling Green

I slept past 5am! whoo hoo. Well actually, Bailey let me. It wasn’t until I heard Cori getting ready for work that I woke up and looked at the clock. 6:35! As planned I promptly made us both a green monster smoothie. I ran out of Soy Milk so 1% it was. It really makes a difference I think. The soy milk is creamer and the vanilla adds extra flavor. It was still heaven in my cup.


all gone

Opps, my camera didn’t make it in time. ; )


With all the excitement of the school year coming to an end, a full weekend at the pool and my new found addiction to blogging my house has taken a back seat. : ( not good. Cori got on to me last night for not properly sorting the recycling and leaving Bailey’s bathtub in our shower. I felt bad because I also left clean towels on the couch to be folded and that is just not like me. With that said, today (as soon as I’m done w/ this) I am going to pick up a little. It’s really just little stuff that needs to be put away but eventually all the little stuff will over run your house.

I’m also going back to Ryan’s school today for their outside play day. I had planned on bringing Chase and Bailey with me but my mom is going to come and watch Bailey for me. I probably won’t be much help if I’m taking care of her the whole time. I should be able to get some really cute pictures so I’m excited about that.

Be back,



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