Start of Hurricane Season!!

Good morning bloggers,

Today is the first day of Hurricane Season! I’ve lived in South Florida my whole life so technically this would be my 26th hurricane season. I’ve been through some pretty bad storms too but nothing compared to hurrican Andrew when I was in middle school in Miami. That storm took the roof and back of my grandparents house right off. Scary stuff. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a safe and calm season this year.


Dinner turned out really good last night. I went with the chicken I already had out. It was marinating in Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb seasoning. (overnight) It was delicious. I tossed all the veggies I had left into a baking dish, tossed with just a little evoo and roasted for the last 15 min I had the chicken in the oven @ 400. The kids (and cori) also wanted mashed potatoes so I whipped up a pack of instant mashed without the butter and with skim milk/water. I had a little taste with my dinner too. We were all hungry and needless to say there were no leftovers last night.

yummy dinner


Cori got home from work and decided to cut the grass before dinner (I admit I planted the seed)  and it was a good thing because it looks so much better now.

fresh cut grass

After a long day at the pool and no naps for the kids we were all in bed early. Kids were fast asleep by 8pm and Cori and I were out by 9pm. When I went to sleep all I could think about was “please sleep past little Bailey, please!”, but like clock work she was up right at 5am. After a quick bottle and diaper change she went back to sleep until 7am. (so did I ; ) Cori forgot to set her alarm so she was rushing out the door and I was moving slow as molasas and almost made Ryan late for his last Monday of the year! I’m so ready for school to be out. I love summers with them.

I never did make it to the grocery store last night so I went right after I dropped Ryan off at school. It feels great having fresh veggies and fruit in the house. I barely had all of the grocerys put away when I started making my Green Monster smoothie. I haven’t had one in a couple days and it was enjoyed to the fullest.

8 ice cubes

1/2 banana (split w/ chase)

1 tsp flax seed

1 heaping tsp pb

1 cup vanilla soy milk

big handful of spinach

Hit the spot


Today is Ryan’s awards ceramony at school. We have to be there at 12:30 and I still have to clean the house. My workout will be post-poned until their nap time. I will count my 2 hours as cleaning as my morning workout. Hey if I go crazy enough it will be my only excersise today.



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