Hello world!

All 5 of us

All 5 of us

Hello Blog world! I’m sure it will take me some time to figure out exactly how to do this. Let’s not forget about when, I mean I do have 3 kids under 6. I am using this blog as a way to hold myself accountable. I want to be around for years to come to enjoy my children to the fullest. With this comes the responsibilty of taking care of myself the same way  I do all 3 of them.


Today I woke up early, even for me. (thanks Bailey) ;0) After fighting it for almost 20 min I decided I might as well get up because she was not going back to sleep. Good thing I did because I was able to get in a 2 mile walk/run before Cori had to leave to go to school. ( I’ll fill in later) When we got back to the house at just about 7am the boys were just waking up so I made them a quick breakfast and turned on the wii for 30min of boxing and yoga. I’ll be the first to admit I’m still learing this new way of living and I will always be up for suggestions and ideas to keep this up.

I was in a rush to get out for my walk/run that I didn’t fuel up before I left. I had about 8oz of water and headed out. After my wii workout and shower I made a green egg concoction. 1/2 cup egg whites  with green pepper, spinach and onions. Also, a piece of whole wheat toast with just a bit of almond butter and a cup of coffee.

I’m torn between eating 3 healthy meals a day, 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks in between or just 5 small meals. Whoa! Overwelming  just thinking about it. My average day consists of :

6:00am- wake up and feed Bailey

6:30am-some type of workout for 30min (if cori’s home, if not this gets pushed back)

7:00am-wake up the boys and get Ryan ready for school

8:00am-feed Bailey and work out if I couldn’t

9:00am-1:30pm- well, this is where I am cooking, cleaning, taking care of Bailey, playing with Chase, cleaning more, reading blogs, taking care of   Bailey, watching food network, talking on the phone, blah blah blah….. you get it! lol

2:00pm-get Ryan from school and back home for snack and nap time (for the kids)

3:00pm-5pm ish- I won’t lie, I’m usually doing much of nothing but enjoying the quiet!

5:00pm- dinner time for Bailey and by this time it is full blown chaos with all 3 kids at full speed.

6:00pm- we are all sitting down for dinner at the table ( this is a must for me)

7:00pm-bath the kids and get them ready for bed.

8:00pm- kids go down and I clean up, make bottles for the next day and eventually crash  sometime between 9pm – 11pm depending on when Cori gets home and if I’m watching something worth staying up for.

So, there you have it. A day in my crazy life. I can pretty much stay on this schedule if there isn’t a unexpected event. (i.e. school function, dr apt, grocery shopping etc.) And in between all of this I am trying to count calories and make healthy choices. If there is anyone reading this who has kids and thinks that they cant do it, I am here to say Yes You Can! It’s all about routine, patience and diligence. I am curious to see if I can keep this up and how it will affect my progress. We shall see…


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