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back from the pool

at the pool


Well, we had a great time at the pool. I’m so proud of our boys. They  swim like fish. We got to Laurie’s at 11am and just got home 30 min ago so it was a nice long day for them. I didn’t pack a cooler today because Laurie said she was making a pizza for the kids so I went prepared and brought a Lean Cuisine (sesame chicken w/ noodles) and it was perfect! I also brought my big 32 oz bottle of water which I went through and needed more. The kids were over joyed with the pizza and between Ryan, Chase and Laurie’s daughter Anna they ate the whole thing! Swimming makes kids hungry! I did jump on the trampoline for about 20 min or so, not as long as I would have liked, but once I got on the kids had the itch to jump and I could only hold them off for so long. I have fun jumping with them but with 3 it comes down to timing jumping sessions so they don’t fight.

I’m thinking about what I’m going to do for dinner and so far I’ve made it to chicken. haha I know we had chicken last night but I didn’t use all 5 of the breasts and I have 2 left that I have to cook tonight. hmmmm… it would be easier if I had gone to the grocery store this morning. I still have some cabbage left and some zucchini, green pepper and onion. I guess I could make some crazy mix. We’ll see what I come up with.



We got the house sprayed last month because we had a bug problem all of a sudden. We noticed dead roaches for a few days and then nothing and then today…..I saw one! I am the biggest baby when it comes to bugs. For real, I will get my 5 yr old to kill it for me. Guess we will have to get them back out here to spray again. I know the chemicals are awful and I could find a more “organic” way of getting rid of them but I just REALLY can not stand it.  t.t.f.n.



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cherry wheat

Cori and I had a very much needed (much deserved) night out thanks to my mom who was nice enough to stay with the sleeping kids. *thanks mom

pay attention to the road cori

pay attention to the road cori

It was kinda last minute so we didn’t have plans. We decided to go the the place where it all began, Brouges pub in Lake Worth. We each had a Stella on tap courtesy of Chelsea the bartender we haven’t seen since i got pregnant with Bailey! There wasn’t really much going on downtown so we decided to go to Bar Louie to visit Haley where we had a new beer, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat! This one was fantastic! Even though we couldn’t finish the whole 20 oz (omg right?!) it was still enjoyable. Hailey bought our beers because she was amazed we were actually out. Cori later joked that we should visit all of our bartender friends that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Cherry Wheat

After sipping on the fabulous Cherry Wheat we decided to go see a movie. We wanted to see Angels and Demons but it started too late and is 190min. Instead we chose Obsessed which turned out to be a good choice. So, I know beer is awful for your waistline and is by no means healthy but we really ever let loose and it was worth it. I probably could have done without the 1/2 box of raisinets (sp?) I did chug a 32oz bottle of h2o during the movie.


Dinner…. My chili lime chicken was great. I used Lawreys marinade and baked @ 400 for 25 min. served with cabbage and a nice salad.


Cori had to finish my plate but I put a big dent in it


We got home just after midnight and we were both exhausted and fell asleep as soon as we hit the bed. Bailey has been waking up earlier than her normal (5am ish) and where before she would fall back asleep, now she poops and screams because her butt is on fire. (i’m only assuming ) Needless to say I didn’t get very much sleep last night and I am not in the mood to workout right now. We are going to Laurie’s pool again today so I will have to make up the lack of exercising by swimming and jumping on the trampoline.

No picture of breakfast. Sorry, I wasnt that hungry and settled for a 60 cal light and fit vanilla yogurt with Kashi Mountain Medley gronola mixed in and some English Breakfast hot tea.

Be Back after the pool,


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Back from the Pool

I decided to take the kids to my friends pool. Such a good idea because it was nice out for a change and the kids had a blast. (even Bailey) I picked up the house a little after getting set up on wordpress and packed our bags and set off. Since we left around lunch time I made sure to pack some sandwiches for the boys and I grabbed my self a south beach diet protein bar and a tide me over packet for my liter of h2o. I know I should have made myself a sandwich too but I’m always so busy when I’m there playing with the kids and tending to Bailey that sitting down to eat isn’t always an option and I knew waiting until I got home would leave me starving.

I have already stared marinating our chicken for tonight in a  chili-lime sauce. So yummy! I’m planning on cooking up some cabbage to go along with it and maybe a big salad? We shall cam 415

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Hello world!

All 5 of us

All 5 of us

Hello Blog world! I’m sure it will take me some time to figure out exactly how to do this. Let’s not forget about when, I mean I do have 3 kids under 6. I am using this blog as a way to hold myself accountable. I want to be around for years to come to enjoy my children to the fullest. With this comes the responsibilty of taking care of myself the same way  I do all 3 of them.


Today I woke up early, even for me. (thanks Bailey) ;0) After fighting it for almost 20 min I decided I might as well get up because she was not going back to sleep. Good thing I did because I was able to get in a 2 mile walk/run before Cori had to leave to go to school. ( I’ll fill in later) When we got back to the house at just about 7am the boys were just waking up so I made them a quick breakfast and turned on the wii for 30min of boxing and yoga. I’ll be the first to admit I’m still learing this new way of living and I will always be up for suggestions and ideas to keep this up.

I was in a rush to get out for my walk/run that I didn’t fuel up before I left. I had about 8oz of water and headed out. After my wii workout and shower I made a green egg concoction. 1/2 cup egg whites  with green pepper, spinach and onions. Also, a piece of whole wheat toast with just a bit of almond butter and a cup of coffee.

I’m torn between eating 3 healthy meals a day, 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks in between or just 5 small meals. Whoa! Overwelming  just thinking about it. My average day consists of :

6:00am- wake up and feed Bailey

6:30am-some type of workout for 30min (if cori’s home, if not this gets pushed back)

7:00am-wake up the boys and get Ryan ready for school

8:00am-feed Bailey and work out if I couldn’t

9:00am-1:30pm- well, this is where I am cooking, cleaning, taking care of Bailey, playing with Chase, cleaning more, reading blogs, taking care of   Bailey, watching food network, talking on the phone, blah blah blah….. you get it! lol

2:00pm-get Ryan from school and back home for snack and nap time (for the kids)

3:00pm-5pm ish- I won’t lie, I’m usually doing much of nothing but enjoying the quiet!

5:00pm- dinner time for Bailey and by this time it is full blown chaos with all 3 kids at full speed.

6:00pm- we are all sitting down for dinner at the table ( this is a must for me)

7:00pm-bath the kids and get them ready for bed.

8:00pm- kids go down and I clean up, make bottles for the next day and eventually crash  sometime between 9pm – 11pm depending on when Cori gets home and if I’m watching something worth staying up for.

So, there you have it. A day in my crazy life. I can pretty much stay on this schedule if there isn’t a unexpected event. (i.e. school function, dr apt, grocery shopping etc.) And in between all of this I am trying to count calories and make healthy choices. If there is anyone reading this who has kids and thinks that they cant do it, I am here to say Yes You Can! It’s all about routine, patience and diligence. I am curious to see if I can keep this up and how it will affect my progress. We shall see…

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